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Boyana Village

The residential complex is located in one of the most prestigious regions of Sofia – Boyana neighborhood, close to the Vitosha Nature Park and the ski slopes. Its location combines city infrastructure and nature in perfect harmony.

Boyana Village consists of four single-family-houses - each with an individual green front yard and a breath-taking view towards Vitosha Mountain. The houses have two floors, spacious rooms for the whole family and French-type windows, ensuring maximum natural light.

Each of them has a separate studio, which can be turned into an office, a hobby studio or guest room. The living room is cozy and has a built-in fireplace. The kitchen is fully equipped for your culinary masterpieces. The panoramic view from two terraces is spectacular. Your vehicles are secure in the spacious two-car garage.

We kindly invite you to take a walk around the residential complex with us and let yourself be convinced that this is your home – your paradise!

Individual Green Yards
Parking places
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Floor Plans



The houses of Boyana Village are designed to follow the natural contours of the ground. The stairway is located in the center of the house and the rooms are placed beside the stairway in semi-levels, according to their functions. The front door and the garage face north, and the rooms are oriented south, east or west.

The front door and the guest studio with its living room with a kitchenette, bedroom and bathroom are situated on the first semi-level (- 1, 45 m).

Next is the main level with a spacious living room with a fireplace, a multi-functional kitchen, a bathroom and a terrace, leading to the front yard, decorated with plants.

The master bedroom is situated on the next semi-level (+1,45 m) with an individual bathroom and a balcony.

There are three bedrooms, two bathrooms and a balcony with a spectacular view towards the Vitosha mountain on the top level (+2,90 m).

Each house is designed with a spacious two-car garage connected to the utility rooms – a laundry, drier room and storage.

Technical data:

Basement surface – 97 sq. m
First floor surface – 110 sq. m
Second floor surface – 130 sq. m.
Overall surface of the building – 337 sq. m


The construction of the houses is framed, reinforced concrete with clear-span levels. The houses are built upon stripe-form foundations, all-brick masonry, while some walls are made of plasterboard - placed with possible future layout modification in mind. The ceiling on the last floor is made of reinforced concrete.

The roof is wood framed on four slopes with a complete solution for cover rain-water draining and BRAMAC insulation. All the window-frames are made of PVC. The main entrance window frames are constructed of aluminum, of the “hanging faceplate” type.

All the surrounding walls are insulated with 8 cm thick expanded foam-polystyrol (EPS – 0,038W / M2/ 0 K). The basement and the foundations are completely waterproofed with two layers of hydro-isolation, a complete Isoval solution.

On the exterior, the houses are coated with a texture cladding, enhanced by selected stone trimming. The interior is designed and described on the architectural plans, but it can be changed according to the client’s desire.

Bulgarian Construction Company is a company, located in Sofia, dedicated to the construction of modern and functional buildings according to the latest trends. The company is specialized in designing and building single-family houses and complexes.


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